The Role of Social Media in Marketing

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram are just a few of the most popular social networking sites most people visit on a daily basis. Many of us spend more than 8 hours on social networking sites just to get connected with our friends on the internet. While this is a casual routine that we do on a day-to-day basis, social media play a very important role in marketing nowadays.

Social media are essentials to an online entrepreneur’s success because of several reasons. Among these is the fact that they cover a huge number of users that are potential customers. In addition, social media provide free marketing which is a huge plus to any online entrepreneur who’s trying to make a good career. Unlike with traditional businesses, you don’t need to invest in online marketing as long as you know how to use social media to give you success.


Social media point to interaction among individuals or groups of people. They exchange or share information, opinions, and ideas on the online community. In the past, social media were only used for personal purposes mainly on getting in touch with friends, family members, and relatives. Today, they’re widely used for business as they help the users to market their products, services, and ideas without spending too much money in the process.

Importance of Social Media

There are lots of things to be said about social media if you are an entrepreneur. In fact, they have a growing importance among businessmen, especially those who rely heavily on social media. Here are some of the reasons why they are that important.

  • Building Traffic is Easy – basically, capturing a market segment using social media is easy. Social networking sites have lots of users who can also become your customers. Entrepreneurs who know how to market their products can easily build a good business over the internet thanks to social media. Building traffic through social media is also simple as it already has a ready market that only requires little work. The opportunities of reaching customers are quite high on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. An estimated number of 1.7 billion users surf social media websites for anything that would catch their interest. If you can apply your marketing skills to these websites, imagine how many customers you would be dealing with them on a daily basis.
  • Social Media Marketing is Effective and Inexpensive – if you work under a small budget, then social media marketing is a good start to your career. Unlike with other marketing strategies, it doesn’t involve a huge amount of money. In fact, you don’t actually need to invest some money on social media websites such as Facebook and YouTube as long as you’re not in a rush. Although these websites offer services to enhance your marketing, you can always choose free services if you are on a tight budget. Aside from being inexpensive marketing tools, they also work quite effective as long as you know how to use them to your advantages.
  • Effective Branding – it’s easier to brand a business as lots of people find it much easier to do it on a social media website. Facebook users find it a lot easier to brand a business because it’s more convenient to check out the products on the website.
  • You can Interact with Customers a Lot Easier with Social Media – unlike with traditional marketing, you can actually build a better customer relationship with social media marketing. Yes, it’s true. In fact, it’s a lot easier to communicate and interact with a customer on Facebook than it is on any website. You can have a quick chat with a customer on Facebook while showing the product to him in the process. You can also post videos and pictures of the products you are selling. And just by clicking the images and videos, the customer will have an idea on what you are marketing. As a result, you’ll begin educating a potential customer just by doing simple things on a social media website. In addition, interaction is quite easy on a social networking site because they are usually user-friendly.
  • Generates More Leads/Sales – believe it or not, social media marketing generates more leads and sales as compared to traditional marketing. Entrepreneurs or marketers who are well-educated on how to market on social media websites usually gain more leads and sales than when doing it on their website. The main reason why they become so effective in making such transactions is because of the huge number of users on these social networking sites. As a result, they end up building a good business that is capable of drawing more and more customers to buy their products or avail their services.  
  • Easy to Get Contacts from Prospective Customers – social media websites also enable a marketer or entrepreneur to build contacts. The reason why contacts are easy to gain on social networking sites is because they encourage good interaction among the users. As an entrepreneur, how you respond and interact with the other users is actually your call. So, the outcome of your business actually depends on how you deal with the people on the social media websites.
  • Faster Transaction – aside from marketing, social media websites also encourage faster transactions. Once both parties have agreed on a product, service, or idea, they can make the transaction work out faster. Regardless of your business, social media websites are online portals that allow you to make faster transactions. For example, selling shoes on Facebook will allow you to ship at least a good number of pairs on a daily basis depending on the orders. If a friend orders 2 pairs on one day, then you’ll be delivering 2 pairs before the end of the day. That’s how fast transactions are done on social media websites. Unlike with other marketing websites where it will take a day or two before your orders are received, social media websites allow faster transactions that usually takes place within one day. The main reason why this happens on social media sites is because a lot of small businesses operate on these websites. If the larger businesses slack off, then the smaller businesses will get the best deals. 

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s starting a small business, then you need to know how to market effectively, efficiently and successfully. One way to sell with success is by doing it on social media websites. As mentioned above, it can give you good results as long as you know how to work on it properly.

Social media marketing is no longer a new thing when it comes to marketing. However, there are still a number of entrepreneurs who don’t take advantage of this powerful tool. Instead of using it to improve their businesses, they rely on other marketing tools that are quite expensive and at times ineffective. Smart entrepreneurs, on the other hand, would first try marketing tools that are cheaper. Once their efficacy and efficiency have been checked out, then they’ll work closely on improving their market. As simple as they may seem, social media websites are actually great at providing good results when it comes to marketing.