Sense Dat!

All human and animal creatures are equipped with the mysterious 6th sense where what it matters the most in those circumstances that are life threatening. It is not the inner voice or intuition that helps you make out the meaning of the contexts where several puzzles are missing or where something you cannot quite put a finger on is missing and yet you cannot name it. That inner sensor turns itself on when needed, though sometimes we tend to dismiss its warning signals to our detriment. Logically oriented people would find it essential to dismiss the voice that makes them behave too irationally as if going against their very ego.

How Do You Do That?

How you can then win out in that scenario? Unfortunately there are no hard and fast rules that would help you achieve the golden means between noticing the signal and acting on it intentionally or not. Some people’s signals are verbally attuned, others’ more emotion oriented. However those most frequent ones do not take any particular ‘shape’, they just appear in your mind’s eye and then you simply know what it is all about.

Is it even possible to train that ability? If you can control mind through a meditation, then this is the one way of training it to a greater effect. Think also about martial arts and their daily practice that simply allow you to experience the stillness of each move when you complete it and the grace of the whole sequences of moves. In addition if you are performing them blindfolded it gets even better as you become the movement in the dark and you become one of the shadows that dance in the darkness, effortlessly. When you emerge into the light yet again, you feel that reality more differently than before, you see more since you practised in the dark, you have turned into a shadow that sees other shadows and hues of the reality, you perceive more since the brain has learned to tune in like a radio station.

Why Does It Matter?

Why would that matter to you in particular, dear Reader, is that life would perhaps get somewhat more interesting as you perceive more and more. If you have never been particularly interesting in learning then perhaps you would learn something more about the world and yourself. Going from there would be a downhill ride, easy, smooth and fulfilling as you would get to see more details, the life would have the layer of texture that you could experience with 6sth senses and you could sense anything ominous approaching just like you were dat animal which you are. So in short unleash your inner animal that you have tamed for so long already, forget sex, food and drama, you do not need any of that in greater amounts, you just need the 6th sense.