How Do You Write A Resignation Letter

Leaving your employment position is not always a simple task. It is going to require some courage to face up your employer. Though it is not always as simple as telling your boss that you quit. It is essential to know how to make a proper resignation letter to address your state.

Why Make a Resignation Letter?

Most people overlook the importance of making a resignation letter. It is always much more highly appreciated if you resign with your full presence. In certain cases that you are going to want to inform your employer ahead of time about your plans of leaving, the use of a resignation letter is necessary.

Writing a resignation letter is important in a number of ways. It doesnít mean that you are leaving, anything you are going to do is no longer going to matter. The main purpose of writing a resignation letter is to keep a healthy relationship with your past employer. In this case, your past company is going to have a positive report about your attitude which is an important thing when looking for a new job.

What to Include in Your Letter

Donít put everything that comes in your mind in your resignation letter. It is essential to only put the important things and not the aspects that are going to affect their perspective towards you. Keep everything professional, donít get too comfortable even though you are leaving.

It is a must that you mention the date that you are going to leave. This is highly appreciated by all the companies even though you are leaving them. Also include your thanks and gratitude toward the company. Nothing fancy though, keep your words professional and less emotional.

What Not to Put

It is going to be a problem if the resignation letter contains random and negative remarks of the company or employer. Always keep the negative thoughts to yourself. Telling a company about anything negative is not going to help improve their performance but instead will cause you to have a bad written report. Donít write anything that will ìdestroyî the company, negative remarks about co-workers, subordinates or supervisors. Either keep the topic neutral or positive.


Writing a resignation letter is not that hard. It follows the common letter format. There are ways to ensure that you get a good impression from the company though you are leaving. This is essential because companies have the ability to control your future employment.

Include a proper reason, this will help a company understand that you are leaving for a good cause. Reasons like relocating, going back to school or having to attend to loved ones are accepted reasons. Keep it brief though, state your reason and end it with your gratitude.

If your reasons include, low pay, awful co-workers or anything that is going to signify that you have problems with the company, might as well keep it to yourself. It is also going to help to place in contact details. This may not going to be useful but most companies appreciate the concern.

Brief Overview Of Politics In The USA

This article will give you a brief overview of the politics of the United States of America. Topics such as the different branches of the U.Sí government, itís six foundation and many more are taken into account. Take a few moments of your time to learn more about the Politics in the U.S.A.

The Written Constitution

U.S.A.ís government is based solely on a written on a single written constitution (simply called the Constitution). This constitution is so simple that it is considered as the shortest constitution in the world. It consists basically of a Preamble, various Articles and Amendments. It has a total of over 27 Amendments and 7 Articles. The written constitution created the federal government of the nation. It is basically document and its interpretation is changed every once in a while. The U.S.Aís amendment process can be difficult to amend, but still, U.S. citizens are able to make changes to it over time.

The Three Branches Of U.S.Aís Government

The written constitution created 3 separate and different government branches. Each of these branches has their own powers and influence. Also, the Constitution created certain checks and balances ensuring that no branch would have supremacy on the other branches. These three branches are enumerated as:

Legislative Branch = Consists of the Congress. The people in this branch are the ones responsible for making the federal laws of the nation. The Congress also has two different houses, that is the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Executive Branch = Consists solely of the President and the Bureaucracy. The president himself is the one who holds Executive power. The President of the U.S. is the one who enforces, administers and executes the laws.

Judicial Branch = Vested on the Supreme Court and other federal courts. It is in their power to interpret the law and to apply it through various cases that are brought to them.

The Six Foundation Principles

Here are the six basic principles of the Constitution:

Popular Sovereignty = The main point of Popular Sovereignty states that the government and its laws should be for the people. In other words, all power and responsibility of the government needs to be addressed to the welfare of the people. If not, then certain laws and regulation will be dissolved.

Limited Government = States that the power of the government is limited only to the welfare of the people. It also says that the government is given power by the people, and needs to follow the rules of the people.

Separation of Powers = Refers to the three branches of the government of the U.S., and that no branch must reign supreme over the others; each branch serving a different/specific purpose.

Checks and Balances = The checks and balances ensures that no branch becomes too powerful. Its purpose is to protect the people from others who hold powers over any of the three branches. For example; The President (Executive) will need to veto a legislation, while it is the Supreme Court (Judicial) who declares the acts and of the Congress and it is the Senate that approves the two.

Judicial Review = Pertains to the power that allows the Supreme Court (Judicial Branch) to decide if acts and laws are considered unconstitutional (interpretation of the Constitution)

Federalism = The idea that a central government doesnít have control over all powers in the U.S.A. It means that States in America have powers reserved only to them, and that they do not overlap (except special cases).

Influencing People

Human interactions are a complex conundrum where differing values, ideas and beliefs are all involved. Add to the mix the need to influence other people so that they act as we wish them to be because it feels good not to be upstaged and the life would get much harder if no one would listen to the other people, only acting at their own whim. Indeed whenever you believe yo are acting right and that everyone else should follow, or should do as you please, you might be up for a nasty surprise, such as people contradicting your point of view, challenging your beliefs and disregarding you or dismissing the whole religion and preaching you have been walking. That is actually a good thing because it allows you to reassess everything and if needed start from scratch.

Believe It or Die Trying

Most importantly, however, it would be most beneficial for you to rewrite the script that you have been acting upon and check out what reserves you have aplenty and available that would allow you to move in another direction with fluid movements of a dancer that dances his or her own dance to their own rhythm. Once you master the movements well enough, you should find another dance and another, the list could go on and on. While dancing you are always alone in your own company, but soon you might get closer to the others if you dance in another style that requires shortening the distance; the more joy and perfection there is in your movements, the easier and more comfortable it gets to be in close proximity to the others. The more truthful you become the easier perhaps it gets to influence the others who feel that you are walking or dancing your talk, even though they might not like what you are saying through your actions. But you command some respect then and that helps you maintain the illusion of control over the actions of the other people. They respond to those people who they believe to bring out the best in them, respect is just one minor aspects among so many other things. In short, no one wants to be commanded or reprimanded, although at times your tactics may have to change, but being truthful to yourself might backfire at times, surprise surprise. How does it happen? Even if you act on your deepest beliefs and with the intention of saving the world, you could find, to your disappointment, that the world does not want to be saved by you. The world craves freedom above all and what you preach is to conform to the rules that you came up with, so despite people having respect for you those rules might be found to be too much for most. Many intelligent people fall into the trap of believing their outlook is the only choice and the only right thing to do. You might be in for a great surprise to see that things do not always work this way.

Turning into Your Mom or Dad

You have seen in the movies, you have tested and tasted it first hand. Those of you who have had an unstable relationship with your parents know what I am talking about, you become similar to your parents in so many ways you have a hard time believing it would come to this at the point in life. Some of us resemble our parents early on but most changes occur with time till the day comes you look into the mirror and see your own blank look and you realize how deeply those changes affected your life and what not. Perhaps some of you despise the parents who mistreated you in the childhood but now you are turning into the same person you despised, influenced by your genes and the environmental factors, but what you soaked up to a great extent constitutes the core of your personality, and if the looks are a part of this, your life turns into a series of similar gaffes and behaviors you so much hated about your primary caretakers with a certain twist on the way you behave, this however, coming direct from you.

Are You a Replica?

Many of the children are proudly embracing their gene pool selection and typical ways of behavior, exploring the world and such, presenting much of the resilience needed. That would the aim of successful parenting, to produce another generation of successful children that would be freely roaming the earth, unstoppable, further sharing their genes. However those little twists of fate and some genes from a long forgotten predecessor and a personally shaped view of things and sets of beliefs give birth to a totally new creature, so that you do not become an exact replica of any of them, though with time, the tendency to display more and more similar behavior would be more pronounced than ever. Of course you are repeating the patterns so if by any chance you have found yourself getting into some unhealthy relationship patterns perhaps you might consider a therapy to help you unlock the brain to see those patterns as ways to deal with the reality you were fed in daily doses without looking whether you choked or not. Vomiting that reality later in life suggests the poison is still present in your system and runs your life.

Find Strength

The greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of forgiveness, although the patterns cannot change so easily and they would haunt you for most of the time unless you do something about them. How? Find your inner strength, examine your conscience and see what the greatest strengths and weaknesses are and start from there. Become your own mentor, but watch yourself closely and monitor your behavior accordingly, there is enough strength in you present that you could be surprised to find despite your earlier misconceptions about yourself.

You Can Sell Products Using Your Facebook Account

Social networking sites such as Facebook allows people to connect with their loved ones who are far from them. It is a website that offers a user-friendly interface that allows any average individual to navigate and use options to their desire. Even children nowadays can manipulate the mouse and keyboard in enhancing their Facebook account. This social networking site allows you to invite numerous friends all over the world. In short, you can cater a limitless number of consumers in case you would sell something of interest. For this reason, more and more people are looking into the possibilities of selling stuffs online using their accounts.

You Can Sell

Selling products using Facebook accounts have been trending for the past years due to the demand of many items on other countries that are not available offline on their place. This resulted to the sprouting of online retailers that has been increasing to a great number. Many retailers on the Internet have shared their testimonials on how good the online business is especially if you build a network of consumers on a certain place where your goods are in demand. Just like any business though, you should also be vigilant when it comes to dealing with people whom you do not know.

Online marketing using social networking sites gives you a number of advantages and disadvantages depending on how you manage and decide for your online store. Although your success would usually be a matter of marketing condition, there are items that you should also consider such as your advertising, quality of buyers, and the type of product you sell.

Its Advantages

  • Free – unlike most buy and sell portals, Facebook does not charge you when you post an item or product for sale. Imagine being able to sell a product without having to pay someone in return for the advertising.
  • Large Number of Possible Buyers – the option to tag people allows you to maximize your advertising of the product. As soon as you tag someone, all of their friends will immediately see what item you are trying to sell. This is also more beneficial if you have lots of friends who you can tag or who want to subscribe to your account for updates.
  • Unlimited Photos – you can add as much photo as you want for advertising purposes without getting charged in return.

Its Disadvantages

  • Scams – like any type of business whether it is online or offline will experience passing through individuals who would try to pull a scam on you. The best thing to do is to keep your guard up as much as you can.
  • Not everyone is interested – unlike buy and sell portals where people go for business purposes; social networking sites are designed for communication purposes. Although it can be used to advertise and sell products, it would not be the best site where you should do your business.
  • Annoying – some people may find your business annoying especially if you keep on tagging individuals who have no plan on purchasing one of your item up on sale. Keep your tagging checked and avoid including people who are not interested with your products.

Relax and Earn By Playing Online Games

A lot of us are hooked on almost any type of game whether it is online or offline. The thing is, almost every one of us is a child at heart. There are numerous types of online games that you can choose from. Of course, you always prefer the one which you are mostly familiar with in order to win handily. If you go for a game that is new to you though challenging, your chances of winning is very nil. Most people who are into playing games are using the activity as their way of releasing their stress. You can relax your mind as you go on playing games. Or if you are bored and would like to just keep busy, this is it. Whether it is for fun or as a therapy, playing games has gotten a lot way better as you can now make money out of your hobby. How is this possible?

Search and Play

There are lots of websites on the internet that offer online activities which include playing games. These sites allow any individual to win a specific amount of cash once they’ve won a round or hit the jackpot on a particular game they play. So how is it possible that you get to receive something just by playing the games on their website?

They’ll Draw You In

Most of these sites have advertisers that post up ads on their websites. Their main goal is to rake in as much traffic as possible in order to increase the number of people visiting the website. They also aim at keeping the visitors in maintaining a decent duration of time on the sites. In order to do so, they need to keep a person occupied in order for them to stick around and get glued to the website. Thus the concept of putting up free online games such as the ones you and I play on the internet.

It’s Business for Them

The catch is to offer payment for every individual who is willing to play and get paid for their time and effort spent on the website. Although the payment is not that much, you would play these games anyway especially if you are someone who is really fond of playing such stuffs. Once it attracts more and more people to play the game, the cash amount they receive to their site also balloons up with it. Thus allowing both the website and advertiser to get a good share of their investment in paying up for these online gamers.

The amount you earn from playing may vary depending on the offer of each individual website. In some cases, online sites offer as much as $1,000 to 4,999 or more depending on their popularity. Although you can expect smaller chances of winning these great numbers, you can always get lucky once in a while and win some decent amounts.

If you are someone who’s looking for a pastime on the internet, this type of activity will suit you very well, especially if you are fond of playing games.

Do You Want To Make Money Out of Blogging

If you think that going online would be the best way to reach an audience when it comes to sharing your interest regarding a particular topic, then blogging would definitely be a walk in the park for you. Aside from expressing yourself in an artistic way, imagine the benefits of earning an impressive income every month? However, this can only be possible if you know the right formula for a successful blogging. There are several guidelines on how you can achieve success though. A combination of dedication, consistency, perseverance and talent are needed in order to be good in this type of online job. Blogging is deemed as a successful career as long as you take good care of your website and deliver your promises on the stuffs that you write. Here are some tips on how you can make money from your passion.

  • Be Expressive – do not stop until you have expressed all that there is on your thought. Always remember that you are the captain of the ship and that you are in control of the steering wheel. As long as you are on the right track, there is no rule when it comes to the length of your articles. However, you should also avoid using inappropriate words that are used as “fluffs” only to lengthen your article. Always keep it precise and in accordance with your work.
  • Choose the Right Tone – set the right tone for your audience in order to market your work properly. For example, if you are trying to reach business audiences, as much as possible try to stay on the business tone and out of the conventional one. This will help your followers to get the idea that you are seriously into the matter.
  • Don’t Stop Advertising – you may have reached a good traffic on your site; however this does not mean that you are entitled to go lazy for the coming days. Make sure that you keep on advertising and promoting your website as this will bring replacements to viewers and loyal followers who had stopped on checking out your site.
  • Avoid Errors – grammatical errors are a big no-no when it comes to blogging as this will decrease your professionalism as a writer. Most of the viewers will brand you as an amateur and will seek information from a more “professional” writer. Before you upload and post your work, make sure that you have proofed-read it word by word and have finished on checking the spelling at the same time.
  • Sell Advertisement Space on your Website – aside from earning, this will be a great way of getting more visits from people who are after the same stuff(s).
  • Be Active – keep posting articles that you think are of good quality. You may not be satisfied with all of them. However, keep the interesting ones posted for regular activity. Join forums to publish and promote your site.
  • Keep your Site Attractive – as much as possible, do everything you can to enhance the visual appeal of your website. This plays a huge impact on the impression of your viewers and followers aside from the contents that you post.

Do You Want To Be a Good Travel Writer

What other type of job that can offer you leisure while you get paid other than being a travel writer? Imagine getting paid to travel and explore the various beautiful places all around the world. A travel writer is not all about having good time though as you are also required to spend time doing your homework. At the end of the day, you are still required to render an article about the place you visited. You need hard work aside from all its advantages, dedication, and a mind committed on trying out new, unexplored stuffs. Below are some pointers on how to become a good travel writer.

  • Research – research and lots of researches are what you need in order to become a good writer. The same thing is true with travel writers. There are lots of things that were written by other writers regarding the same subject or place that you are doing an article about. Surfing the Internet for valuable information can help you sew up an interesting article. If you have regular subscription to travel magazines, that’s another source of information.
  • Travel – in order to have something to write about in a realistic approach, it would be best if you go to that place. Being on the actual place gives you a firsthand experience on what you can have and what you can expect in that area. The actual feel of the environment and your personal experiences on the place have no equal substitute.
  • Choose Trending Travel Destinations – if you think traveling can be done in random, and then think again as you should never go to places of no interest to the public. Although there are lots of places to explore especially those that are beautiful and are not yet popular, it would be best to stick to places of great interest. However, professional travel writers can always opt to go to destinations that are not trending on the Internet and on the media due to their writing and marketing skills. It’s their way of promoting the said locations.
  • Try New Things – what’s the point of going to other places if you do not try stuffs that can only be found there? Basically, you need to try the place and write something about it.
  • Be Courageous – in general, it is one of the most essential trait needed for one to be able to become a travel writer. If you are afraid of heights, unfamiliar animals, sounds, and people, perhaps it would be best if you drop your dream job. Find another one if you are not capable to venture out alone.
  • Marketing Strategy – last but not the least; make sure that you know how to promote your work in order to become successful on your pursued career. Simple marketing skills can help.
  • Don’t Expect Too Much – this is especially for beginners. It would be best if you expect less in return so that you will not be discouraged with the outcome of your career. New comers will most likely have a hard time at the start but will soon find their momentum in the long run.

Advantages and Disadvantages of FatCatRewards

Are you a resident of Australia who is looking for a sideline that is less stressful than most online jobs? If so, perhaps the best GPT website on the internet might interest you in beefing up your earnings. FatCatRewards is an online site that is focused in providing various activities that are rewarded with monetary benefits. Since it has been up and opened to the public, the website has never failed to entertain and give financial assistance to its members as compensation for doing the stuffs that they offer on the site. With every year as it goes on, the number of participants has been increasing in numbers due to the benefits that they are getting from the website. If you want to become one of these members, you need to be well aware of the disadvantages of putting your time and effort on FatCatRewards. Here are the pros and cons of this online site.

What Are the Advantages?

  • Get Paid – for every invitation that you will accept and tasks that you complete, the website will pay you appropriately. The money will be put on your Paypal account which you have registered upon signing up with the website. The amount of money you will make from the site will basically depend on the number of activities that you will participate as well as on how much you get paid for each of these tasks. The important thing here is you get paid for the effort you are putting in.
  • Home Based – the best thing about online jobs aside from the fact that you get paid for your service is that you can work at home. Unlike offline jobs where you need to invest on travel expenses. The jobs that you will find on the internet will allow you to save that money for something more important. You can work at your pleasure and within the comforts of your house.
  • Time Schedule – your schedule is totally up to your preference. You can work anytime you want as long as you can finish each activity. Although there are some employers who demand strict monitoring of time, majority of them allow the contractor to work at his own time.

What Are the Disadvantages?

  • Available Only in Australia – if you are not a resident of Australia, then there’s no reason why you need not to sign up or participate on the various activities of the website. This is perhaps the biggest downside of the website as other interested individuals from other countries can’t join the many different money making tasks. The participants are limited to those residing in Australia only.
  • Inconsistent Income – if you are used to receiving a steady stream of money from your regular income, it is highly advised to keep your expectations low. Money making on GPT sites is inconsistent as you can never secure a regular salary from the website. There are several things to keep in mind when it comes to generating an income from such type of online site. Don’t make it your main source of livelihood unless you have developed the specific skills that will create a steady demand of your services online regularly.

Military Online Payday Loans Are An Option

The income of a military man is limited by the salary he is entitled to unlike those who are in the civilian sectors of society who can earn more. So that when tough situations happen, they are faced with financial stress which makes them seek other sources of funds. If they have bad credit, the problem they have goes from bad to worse since moneylenders often prefer to lend to those with a good credit standing. In this case, lenders offering military online payday loans are the only ones to come to rescue. Although the interest is very high, the military men have no other recourse and bite the bullet so to speak in order to get by.

Salary Income Is Fixed

Like most government employees, military servicemen are salaried workers also. They have fixed incomes in the form of monthly paychecks. While their pay is within a decent range, there are times when they also experience financial difficulties. Just like civilian employees, they are susceptible to emergencies like a sick child that needs immediate medical attention or an urgent car repair that cannot be delayed. And during these critical times, cash is always the issue. They need someone to help them instantly and supply cash. In most cases, only military online payday loans are the only reliable means that they can fall back on. They are there always ready for use 24/7.

Bad Credit Standing Not An Issue

What is great about online payday loans is that a credit score is not the primary consideration. It is the least of their concerns. They are after the borrower’s capacity to pay the loan on the agreed date. You have to indicate properly on your online loan application the sources of your income. If you are a salaried employee, indicate the name and contact number of your employers. This information is the basis to check your ability to pay. If the lender finds out that the data is accurate, then you will get the cash you want. It is then very important that your declarations on that application form are true and verifiable.

The Interest Rates Are High

Although there are many borrowers who take advantage of online payday loans because of the urgency, some complain about their high interest rates. They are really very high if compared to regular rates. However, lenders justify that no one will lend money at lower rates considering a short duration of the term. Besides, the amount involved is so small that lending at a very low rate is not feasible. They claim that no one else will ever dare to take very high risks involved in payday lending. This position is bolstered by the figures reflecting continuous reliance on this financial product in the market. People continue to prefer payday loans over bank loans which are processed longer than the former.

They Are Reliable

Payday loan lenders’ reliability during emergencies has been tried and tested. Their commitment to send the funds in 24 hours is always kept. This is possible with military online payday loans which are processed on the Internet where the data is verified online. Banks or other lending institutions cannot render this kind of fast service. They need several documents to verify the traditional way and that requires more days to accomplish.

Seek Other Options

Although cash advance loans for military can be real solutions to urgent monetary problems, you must exercise caution in resorting to them. Their high interest could further drain the financial resources of the military personnel if they fail to pay them on time. It is better if they can find other options to source the funds needed instead of relying on military online payday loans.