Arms Race in Asia

The Asia Pacific region is growing in importance. In it can be found parts of China and Japan, the second and the third largest economies in the world today. Then there is the ASEAN nations which collectively taken is one of the fastest growing economies in the world today. But all that growth and prosperity is being threatened now. Fear is spreading among the countries there and the fear has some basis. Aside from the fast growing economies, military spending is also quickly rising in the region. Some have termed it as an arms race. We all know that an arms race is like a powder keg. It only takes a small spark to make it explode.

Arms Race in the Past

There have been other arms races in the past. Virtually any time when countries tried to outdo each other, these countries would end up in a race to see who could acquire more arms and weapons. That is partly as a form of preparation should an arm conflict really come up. The one with the most number of weapons of the highest quality would naturally have a higher chance of winning. It is also partly driven by national prestige. The more expensive the weapons that are bought by a country, the better for its reputation.

One of the most famous arms races was the one between Britain, Germany and other European countries before World War Two. It was mostly a naval arms race to see who could build the most powerful navy then. Then there is the nuclear arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Arms Race in Asia

Experts fear that there is an on-going arms race now among the countries in the Asia Pacific region. This is mostly attributed to the rise of China as a world power. Its armed services are starting to rival that of the U.S. and its neighbours are getting nervous. Japan for one is not too happy with the aggressive way that China is branding itself.


The age-old reason for conflict between countries is also the same thing fuelling this arms race. China is locked in territorial disputes with most of its neighbours. It is in dispute with Japan, the Philippines and other countries in the ASEAN. What’s worrying the experts is that the tensions are rising and the spark that could ignite an armed conflict could happen any time soon.

This fear of the might of China is driving the smaller countries to buy arms and weapons. The Philippines is starting to modernize its antiquated military that has been focused for too long on internal security threats. Japan is starting to arm seriously for the first time since World War Two. Other countries are getting ships, planes, submarines and other weapons that are needed by a modern military.

War in that part of the world can have a tremendous impact on the world. The sea lanes on the disputed waters are some of the busiest in the world. The world would be hurt if shots are fired there.

How You Can Get Better From Cystitis

Reports show that every woman is likely to have cystitis at some point their lives. And when this happens, it can have a great impact in her life in such a way that she can be prevented from doing her job or even going through her normal daily routine. And for this reason, a woman experiencing symptoms of cystitis will always aim at getting cystitis relief.

What is Cystitis?

Cysititis is a condition very common among women wherein their bladder is experiencing inflammation which in turn, causes symptoms to be experienced by the person. Common cause of cystitis is bacteria however, there is also a type of cystitis which is more of a result of injury and without any bacterial infection involved which is called interstitial cystitis. Cystitis can happen to anyone but is more common among women with ages 30 to 50.

What Are The Symptoms of Cystitis?

A lot of cystitis sufferers would tell that there is always pain and this is constant and really bothersome. Upon experiencing the symptoms, all they would ever want is to get cystitis relief in order for them to go back to their normal lives.

Symptoms of cystitis are as follows:

  • Pressure in the lower abdomen;
  • Pain during urination;
  • Frequency and urgency in urination;
  • Nocturia or need to get up at night to urinate;
  • Strong smelling urine;
  • Dark or cloudy urine color;
  • Blood in the urine;
  • Fever, chills and nausea.

Severity of these symptoms can vary depending on how advanced the condition is and depending on the cause of the condition. Whatever the case, most women who are having cystitis will always aim at getting cystitis relief due to the inconveniences these symptoms can give.

Ways of Getting Cystitis Relief

Fortunately, women can always get hope in getting cystitis relief due to the different options available as treatments. However, these treatments depends on the cause of the cystitis.

Treatments that corresponds to certain types of cystitis are as follows:

Pain Relievers Such As Aspirin And Ibuprofen

One of the inconveniences cystitis gives to the patient is the excruciating pain experienced in urinating, pain in the pelvic area and lower back. To get cystitis relief from this symptom, aspirin or ibuprofen is administered to the patient. However, this medication will not get rid of cystitis because this only targets the symptoms. The root cause can be taken care of by other treatments, depending on the type of cystitis.


Some cystitis are caused by bacteria and in this case, a patient can get cystitis relief by taking the prescribed antibiotic that is usually given with instructions of taking the medication for a certain period of time. And in order to get permanent cystitis relief, it is important for the patient to follow the instructions to the letter. And in case of the patient who has achieved cystitis relief before the end of the prescribed term, the patient should still continue taking the antibiotics in order to get permanent cystitis relief.

Clot evaluation

Some womenís cystitis are the kind which is called hemorrhagic cystitis and the main treatment that should be given to the patient is the one that will stop hematuria or bleeding. Clot evaluation can be done with the use of a stiff-walled catheter.

Initial Irrigations

Also known as bladder wash, this method is given to give patients hemorrhagic cystitis relief. Sterile water can be used for this method but another option is sodium chloride.

Lifestyle change, improving diet and having enough sleep ñ In the case of interstitialcystitis where no bacterial infection is associated with the symptoms, the best way to get cystitis relief is to improve the immune system to enable the body including its urinary system and its parts to function normally.


Cystitis, in whatever form, is indeed a nuisance in every woman or every person. However, virtually everyone can get cystitis relief as long as one makes an effort to educate him or herself about this condition, the different types of it, symptoms, causes and treatments. It is also important to be wary always in order to detect symptoms at its early stage and have it treated with mild and natural remedies. And most of all, having a healthy lifestyle at all times is important to prevent cystitis to happen in the first place.

How to Choose Among Credit Insurance Companies

Basically, a credit insurance is a means of protecting a company from unexpected loss due to unpaid receivables. With credit insurance, the credit insurance policy holder is enjoying the benefit of reducing losses due to bad debts. Credit insurance companies charges its clients with monthly credit insurance premiums that may be based on a certain percentage of sales or amount of outstanding receivables. Credit insurance policies also covers losses on goods and services shipped while the policy is still in effect.

However, in order to enjoy all the benefits of a credit insurance, a company should be able to get a credit insurance from reputable credit insurance companies. With the right amount of patience and persistence, a company should be able to choose a trustworthy insurance provider that will meet his needs. However, there are also helpful tips that you can follow in order to choose the most reliable among credit insurance companies.

  • If you already have a prospective credit insurance provider, learn more about the company. Find out how long they have been in business. If you haven’t heard about their name in spite of their extensive years in operations, try to find out why. They may be specializing in a certain product before their company gained recognition in credit insurance industry.
  • Know also the credit insurance company’s capacity and focus. Are they big enough to attend to all the clients’ specifications? What is their focus? Do they aim at protecting your company’s assets by ensuring your receivables from unexpected loss? Will they help strengthen your credit management? Moreover, find out if their goals are aligned with your needs.
  • Know the extent of service that they can give you. Are they going to guide you through the application process? How are claims made? What kind of assistance are they going to give you if the need to make claims arise? There are some credit insurance companies who only aims at getting you to accept their offer but does not live up to one’s expectations in giving quality service through the policy period.
  • Find out how they are doing in the credit insurance industry. If they belong with the leading credit insurance companies, there’s a great chance that you are in great hands with them.
  • Ask for a quotation from different credit insurance companies so you can make comparisons. With these comparisons at hand, you can tell which insurance company can give you the best package. This will also give you the capability to haggle for better terms. Some credit insurance companies can give quotations by visiting their website. However, it will still be best to visit the insurance company in order to have a more accurate quotation.

Overall, good credit insurance companies should be able provide your business with a credit insurance policy that will help maximize your credit risk management. It should also be able to provide a tailor-made credit insurance for your specific credit insurance needs. Whether it is for your large accounts only, for a specific product line, for local sales or international sales, among others, they should be able to cater to your requirements.

Catastrophic Health Insurance Plans: FAQs

Question: What are Catastrophic Health Insurance Plans?

Answer: Also called as a high deductible health plan or a major medical coverage. This is basically a type of insurance that had very high deductibles and lower premiums. They are, in general, more affordable. The fact that the deductibles are so high, the risk on the insurance company is very low. This health plan is often paired with a Health Savings Account.

Health Saving Account

Question: What is a Health Saving Account?

Answer: This is an account created by the federal government in order to help out people and get them a better chance at affordable health coverage. If you are qualified for this, you will be able to get lower premiums and save on taxes too. It provides a way to save money for your medical expenses without being worried about a forfeit rule.


Question: What do Catastrophic Health Insurance Plans Cover?

Answer: This insurance plan is able to pay for your medical expenses and hospital expenses but not for your check ups, medications or maternal expenses. They are also able to cover for surgeries, ICU hospitalizations, other examinations and tests that you have to undergo and hospital stays.

Best Options

Question: Is This The Best Option?

Answer: It is the cheapest of all insurance plans. The deductible are very high. But they do have a maximum lifetime benefit or a cap as to how much you can get in health benefits. This amount ranges from a million to 3 million dollars. If you reach your cap, they will no longer be able to offer you any further benefits.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Question: Do the Catastrophic Health Insurance Plans Cater to Pre-Existing Conditions?

Answer: no, they do. If you have pre-existing conditions like heart disease, AIDS, emphysema or diabetes, you will not be able to get this plan. You may not even be able to get an insurance plan from private companies. Or if you do, it wouldnít be a very good plan. our best bet would then be the PCIP (Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan). They will be able to offer you coverage on your medical expenses even if you have a pre-existing condition.


Question: Is This The Best Option For Me?

Answer: It is the best option for most. You should, however, bear in mind that not all Catastrophic Health Insurance Plans are qualified for HSA (Health Savings Account). Also, like other types of health plans, Catastrophic Health Insurance Plans vary in terms of coverage and pricing. With this in mind, you still have to research and compare before making a decision. Since your health and a whole lot of your money could be at risk here, you really need to be able to make an educated decision. One that will be in your best interest.


Question: How Do I Compare Catastrophic Health Insurance Plans?

Answer: Fortunately, there are tools online that you can take advantage of to make your comparisons easier. Just find sites online with these comparison tools for health plans and you can go ahead and compare he details of each insurance plan. Be meticulous and detailed when you do this to ensure you get the best available coverage.

Sense Dat!

All human and animal creatures are equipped with the mysterious 6th sense where what it matters the most in those circumstances that are life threatening. It is not the inner voice or intuition that helps you make out the meaning of the contexts where several puzzles are missing or where something you cannot quite put a finger on is missing and yet you cannot name it. That inner sensor turns itself on when needed, though sometimes we tend to dismiss its warning signals to our detriment. Logically oriented people would find it essential to dismiss the voice that makes them behave too irationally as if going against their very ego.

How Do You Do That?

How you can then win out in that scenario? Unfortunately there are no hard and fast rules that would help you achieve the golden means between noticing the signal and acting on it intentionally or not. Some people’s signals are verbally attuned, others’ more emotion oriented. However those most frequent ones do not take any particular ‘shape’, they just appear in your mind’s eye and then you simply know what it is all about.

Is it even possible to train that ability? If you can control mind through a meditation, then this is the one way of training it to a greater effect. Think also about martial arts and their daily practice that simply allow you to experience the stillness of each move when you complete it and the grace of the whole sequences of moves. In addition if you are performing them blindfolded it gets even better as you become the movement in the dark and you become one of the shadows that dance in the darkness, effortlessly. When you emerge into the light yet again, you feel that reality more differently than before, you see more since you practised in the dark, you have turned into a shadow that sees other shadows and hues of the reality, you perceive more since the brain has learned to tune in like a radio station.

Why Does It Matter?

Why would that matter to you in particular, dear Reader, is that life would perhaps get somewhat more interesting as you perceive more and more. If you have never been particularly interesting in learning then perhaps you would learn something more about the world and yourself. Going from there would be a downhill ride, easy, smooth and fulfilling as you would get to see more details, the life would have the layer of texture that you could experience with 6sth senses and you could sense anything ominous approaching just like you were dat animal which you are. So in short unleash your inner animal that you have tamed for so long already, forget sex, food and drama, you do not need any of that in greater amounts, you just need the 6th sense.

What Are Simple Business Ideas for 2014

It is always better to be financially stable in a number of ways. Relying too much on your monthly salary is not recommended by most economic analysts. One of the basic thing that people can do is to invest their money for future comfort. Instead if enjoying your money now and be poor in the future, why not invest it for the long run. There are a number of recommended business types to start with. There are always businesses that are easily going to be a hit. Might as well be well informed about the trend to have a successful business

Why simple?

Money isnít going to be coming on your door step in a large bunch. It is a slow gradual process of earning and saving to start the right business. You canít easily get half a million in a single pay role, the reason why it is necessary to start with small businesses.

It doesnít always mean that you have a business, itís going to be successful and youíre going to be rich overnight. Starting out small is recommended to test what the society needs, if itís going to be a hit with the general population or is the money you invested going down the drain.

Advertising is a Trend

The most common and easily succeeded business that you can get into is advertising. With all the products and technological advancement, most people are going to want to sell their products. This is where you get in. This is a simple and mostly online type of business. Starting money is small and management can be done in your home.

Most people start out with creating websites where they home their services. Hire a few online professional telemarketers to do the job. This is a business that will take up most of your time. You are going to need to follow up your employees from time to time.

Food and beverages

Whatís common with people is that they all eat and drink. They are also going to want a unique taste for their tongue. In a generation where cultural ethnicity is a trend, setting up food business is usually a good business to start with.

This business is going to include food catering, coffee shops and food carts. You can always start out a small coffee shop with a small amount of money. Find a good place to rent and some additional cash for the materials. Though itís not going to be that cheap, at least itís cheaper than most business starts.

It is essential to keep in mind that the two key concepts in succeeding in the food business is taste and location. You are going to want to keep your food unique to the taste buds but also appealing to the general mass. Start with original recipes instead of simple deep fry ones. Most people are going to remember a place that serves a unique type of dish.

Your location is also going to play a big part. A small coffee shop is going to be earning more money if it is situated beside a small office. Learn your area and your target audience. If you are going to place your coffee shop beside a small business with employees with low pay, then you are going to want to serve cheap meals. People are not going to want to spend a lot of money on a simple cup of coffee.

Health and Wellness

Because of industrial development, most jobs now only require sitting in front of a desk. Most people are stressed out of their job, lack a certain amount of exercise or have lost their natural glow. Having a health based business is going to be a hit in large cities.

The money required start these type of business is going to be slightly higher and the return of investment is going to be longer. In the end, there are a lot of people who are going to want to be in full shape or to have their young glow.

You can start with a gym. This is an expensive starting business regarding your equipment and trainers. You can also have a spa or a beauty salon. These types are going to be simple if you are proficient in beauty secrets.

The Books Of 2013 That You Must Read

A good read is very hard to find. It is essential to know which books are the ones worth reading. You canít back the time youíve wasted when you read an awful. There are a lot of books that have acquired a name for themselves. Some have followed amazing sequels while others were written by famous authors.

Famous Sequels

It is in books where most movies are based on. Movies have made a name for themselves because the book has a great flow to it. In the year 2012, this is the time when the hit movie series Game of Thrones sprung up to action. Most people prefer the books over the movies. Less visual drama, graphics and scenes are limited to your imagination.

As the movie went to a great hit, also did the books. The Game of Thrones book is one the largest selling books of the year 2012. Critiques remarked the books as better compared to the movies. The detail that were presented in the book is not as accurate in the movies.

Not all great books have been made to great movies. Even in the later years of being the best-selling sequel, The City of Lost Souls has not yet been made into a movie nor any of its other earlier versions. This is the fifth book of the series of city of glass, city of bones, city of ashes and city of fallen angels. Each of the books were top-selling books for their genre. And as the release of the city of lost souls, this is another highly anticipated book for the avid fan.

All the five books are related with one another. It is a sequel so the story of one book connects with the other. It would be advisable to start reading the other earlier versions to appreciate the flow of the story. The flow goes as usually as it is. It is a common love story between individuals that have supernatural capabilities.

The two lovers are torn between power, greed and betrayal. As they strive to regain one anotherís trust and love, they are going to risk another. A common love story that presents a series of unique twists and battles. The book presents a mind baffling flow of thought.

If you are into the books knowing the story that came before Lord of the Rings, you might consider The Hobbit. This is a book in the Lord of the Rings series that showcases Bilbo a dwarf assigned to gain back a lost kingdom. Bilbo finds Gollum whom holds the ìpreciousî which he was able to get. He never knew the true power that lies within the ring that has the ability the change the whole of humanity. This book has already been made into a movie which made a big hit.

Unique Love Story

From the writer of the Twilight series comes in a new love story bounded by supernatural phenomenon. The Host tells the story of survivors from an alien invasion, trying to live and hide from being totally exterminated. After being captured, Wanda was converted to the alien race but still has the ability to think. She seeks the trust of the remaining survivors while others doubt her.

This book highly resembles the flow of events to the twilight saga but has a unique twist. Prepare to fall in love, amazed and charmed by this book. This book has also been made into a movie that was one of the must see movies of 2013.

Unique Genre

Most of the stories now revolve around the genre of love and war. A unique twist to the book entitled Unravelling written by Elizabeth Norris. The story happens in a suburban area where the main character lives alongside with her bipolar mother and workaholic FBI father. A girl dead from an accident and being revived by a loner in her school is tasked to save what she no longer has, life. She has 24 hours before the end of the world happens, seeking answers that can be found in her own residence. A unique story that will baffle investigation fanatics.

Must Watch Movies 2012

One of the largest releases of movies happened in the year 2012. With the number of movies made and released, it is hard to look for the movies that are actually worth watching. A number of great movies were released during this year. From classic long followed sequels to the rise of the oldies. Here are some of the movies in 2012 that are going to be worth your time.

Action Packed

All the CGI effects and the incredible stunts has made some movies worth watching. In this year, the movie with the most computer animation and effects is Battleship. Starring Taylor Kitsch with special appearance from Rihanna. This movie garnered mass wide audience interest after a series of attractive trailers.

The movie happens in the middle of the sea during a combat naval exercise. During the event, an alien transmitter was triggered causing the invasion of an alien race. It is now within the hands of the remaining naval forces to save the earth from the impending world invasion.

After the not so flattering release of the first G.I Joe comes its sequel. G.I Joe Retaliation surpassed the first G.I Joe by more than twice the ticket sales. With appearance from Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson, the movie is packed with a series of powerful fight scenes.

They are not yet too old for this job, coming to appearance the long thought gone actors like Stallone and Arnold. Along with a few others long thought to be gone in the filming industry. They group up in the movie The Expendables 2 that showcases widespread action. The story revolves around these group of highly trained men assigned to pursue an illegal business.


In a series of amazing action filled movies come to scene the unique story of a teddy bear. Ted is an animated stuffed toy brought to life by a simple wish of a boy. The story tells the long happy friendship of Ted and John confronted by a series of unfortunate events. The comedy comes in when Mila Kunis acting as Lori gets infuriated by his fiancÈe that canít bare to live without the toy.

The Dictator is an anticipated movie by a large crowd. It is said to exaggerate the current diplomatic state of the United State of America. The story revolves around an abusive leader who was set-up by the people he wanted dead. His newly obligated task is to find a way to regain back his power and trust of the people he once overly ruled.

Historical Fiction

The amazing fictional story of Abraham Lincoln in The Vampire Hunter has achieved audience impact. The unique introduction of the movie has made it a must watch movie. It is not a slow movie that most people might think. It revolves around the story of Abraham Lincoln whom is actually a vampire hunter. His leadership helped free the slaves from the clutches of the vampire race and he also avenged his son. An action packed movie with a creative twist.

Most Awaited Movies of 2013

With high intensity actions and great story twists, a lot of movies are being awaited in the year of 2013. This is the year where most of the long gone movies have already been made a sequel or a remake. There are a lot of movies that have already garnered a wide spread attention from the audience. Waiting for the upcoming releases of a series of highly advertised movies.

Donít even ask if there are going to be a lot of awaited movies because there are actually tons of them. Most are based on books and a handful are long followed sequels of movie hits in the past. Added with the most advanced CGI effects, waiting for these movies is all going to be worth it.

Animated Cartoons

Most are not going to want it to be called ìcartoonsî, after all, some of the movies here actually took nearly 10 years to have a follow up. Who has ever forgotten about the famous Monsters Incorporated that was one of the highly animated movies of the year 2001. The movie is going to have a long anticipated appearance in the year 2013. Going with the name Monster University where the same old monsters are going to go through their college lives and be fully known as real monsters.

Nobody can forget the famous line ìitís so fluffy Iím gonna die!î from the famous movie Despicable me. They made another movie that sequels the past blockbuster hit. Starring the same animated character Felonious Gru voiced by Steve Carell delivers another twist to the old story line. Gru now finds himself in a new state where he now becomes a fully certified hero instead of a villain.

End of the World

From zombies to ancient monsters, most movies now are situated in apocalyptic events. Among the highly anticipated movie is the very famous World War Z. The movie revolves around a terror attack that has triggered a certain event that caused a wide spread infection of zombies. Casting Brad Pitt as an essential asset to bring back order and survival to the new world.

World War Z has caught a wide spread attention from media. The movie is based on the very famous book itself. Most critiques are disappointed by how far away the movie is being depicted from the book itself. When the movie is released in late June, we will know whether the movie lives up to its name.

If you are not into zombies then get a taste of a new breed of extra-large alien species. Pacific Rim portrays manís will to survive and fight back against the creature that came out from nowhere. The movie is packed with action along with modern high-end CGI effects.

Lastly, earth has come to an end. A post-apocalyptic movie starring Will Smith along with his son Jaden Smith. They act in a movie where they crash into a planet where everything is specialized in killing humans. This is After Earth.


The Chronicles of Riddick was released in the year 2004, it now is making another appearance in the year 2013 under the name Riddick. Plot still unknown, but Vin Diesel still acts as the main character and an anticipated movie to watch.

Superman has made a good twist by showing up in the Man of Steel. After how many superman generations, there finally has been a change in the costume. Along with this is the change of a story and a unique end. If you are not into superman then have a look in the life of Wolverine. Still the same Wolverine we have learned to love. The movie showcases a new branch of his story coming to life in The Wolverine.

Amazing Sequels

The leadership and death of King Leonidas is continued in the upcoming release of 300: Rise of an Empire. Everybody was already suspecting a sequel after the first one but nobody knew it will take this long. The movie is said to be released in the last moments of 2013. A new story beholds this movie, a new leader, king and warrior.

After the famous book of the hunger games comes the sequel that most readers are waiting for. Catching fire showcases Katniss and his partner Peetah running for their lives after the capitol tries to find them for their win during the hunger games. Last but not the least, the most amazing and original story that brought about original comedy to the early years of the 2012 comes the third part of The Hangover.

How to Deal With Stress

It is an essential part of life to feel stressed. It signifies that you perform daily tasks and that you are actually doing something productive. Though there are times when the load is too much too handle. People need an outlet to in order to cope up with stress. There are a wide number of activities that can be used to relieve oneself. You can also learn ways in order to live along with your stressful life.

Physical Activities

It is a common practice for most people to enjoy when given enough free time. It is in this period when people forget all the work load and have some fun. This is an effective method to relieve the mind from stress. Instead of giving your mind a 24/7 stressful schedule, might as well give it some leisure time.

There are a number of varied activities that can help relieve stress in the most efficient manner. Any activity will do as long as you are having fun but sometimes the activities wears out the body too much. Activities that are recommended are anything that soothes the mind. Most people relieve to puzzles, this still uses the mind but in a state that it leisure it. Moderation is also a practice, donít overstrain or overdo your enjoyment.

Doing sports is also another thing. Sports that are not too exhausting like golf, bowling or just even a simple moment in the gym. Performing physical activities is helpful because when stimulating the muscles, this stimulates dopamine and other essential hormones to keep a good mood.


Donít ever disregard a healthy diet. Nutrition is a very essential component in keeping the mind in shape and in its full potential. Instant and fast food diets are likely to exhaust the brain much faster. Always keep a natural healthy diet. Cook for yourself and have varying types of dishes each day. Eating fruits and vegetables is also essential. They supply the necessary nutrients and oxidation to keep the mind running and fully functional.

Keep the body fully hydrated. Most people oversee this major component. People drink tons of coffee instead of water or natural fruit juice. The proper flow of fluids will help you keep a clear mind and a soothing mood. Though coffee can keep you awake during overtime, it is still advisable to drink hydrating fluids to keep the brain fully running and less strained.

Rest the Mind

If you canít get enough free time to relieve yourself from all the stress, might as well learn to live with it. A method that is proven to be very effective is letting your mind flow free in between periods. Learn to appreciate the small things and let your mind move adrift. Have some extremely short gaps between work to let your mind think of different things. Looking at a staple wire for a few minutes and letting your mind be creative will help you loosen off.

Getting your mind to shut down is the most practical way to relieve stress. Sleeping can lessen the brain activities, giving the brain cells some time to rest. Get a good sleep, donít overthink things before sleeping because this can inhibit you from having an efficient sleep.