How to Become More Attractive to Men

Men find different things that are attractive in women. It cannot be the same. Some are attracted to long hair for example while others find short hair to be hot. If you want to know what it is that you can do to become attractive to the most number of guys then you have something there. Here are a few things that you can try out.

Enhance Your Feminine Traits

You have to work on your qualities that make you a girl’s girl. For example you should work on the things that make you feminine. Wear red lipstick for example. Studies have shown that men are drawn to the lips more than any other part of the body. What you can do then is to wear red lipstick to draw them even more. But you can’t go around wearing lipstick all of the time. So in those instances that you can’t, you can just go ahead and add some lip balm there.

You should also work on your butt and your breasts become firmer because those are parts of your body that also make you seem feminine. Red is also the color that would make men more willing to spend money on you.


You have to stay clean and look good all the time. No guy that you would want to attract would think that it’s hot if you haven’t showered for months or has nails like a coal miner. You should wash your face once in the morning and again in the evening before turning in for the night. That would keep it clear and blemish free. Guys find it especially attractive if your face is clean, clear and free of blemishes. Take it easy on the tanning. Guys are not too big on that, but you should work on making sure that you skin stays smooth and soft. Guys cannot get enough of that.

If you stay clean all the time, you should also smell it. Nothing can drive a man crazy like the scent of a woman. Pick a nice perfume that isn’t too harsh.

The Right Clothes

The clothes that you would be wearing would also matter a great deal when you want to attract guys. It does not matter to them what brand of style of clothes that you are wearing. What is important is that you should wear clothes that would accentuate the important parts of your body. That means you should pick clothes that would make you look good. Don’t try wearing clothes that are meant for guys. Sometimes it can be cute but for the most part guys don’t find it attractive when you are wearing the same clothes that they do.

Hair Care

We have mentioned earlier that some guys find short hairs attractive, but studies have shown that long shiny hair is a major factor for attracting guys as well. It’s a head turning quality in other words. That’s why you should take careful care of your hair at all times.

Influencing People

Human interactions are a complex conundrum where differing values, ideas and beliefs are all involved. Add to the mix the need to influence other people so that they act as we wish them to be because it feels good not to be upstaged and the life would get much harder if no one would listen to the other people, only acting at their own whim. Indeed whenever you believe yo are acting right and that everyone else should follow, or should do as you please, you might be up for a nasty surprise, such as people contradicting your point of view, challenging your beliefs and disregarding you or dismissing the whole religion and preaching you have been walking. That is actually a good thing because it allows you to reassess everything and if needed start from scratch.

Believe It or Die Trying

Most importantly, however, it would be most beneficial for you to rewrite the script that you have been acting upon and check out what reserves you have aplenty and available that would allow you to move in another direction with fluid movements of a dancer that dances his or her own dance to their own rhythm. Once you master the movements well enough, you should find another dance and another, the list could go on and on. While dancing you are always alone in your own company, but soon you might get closer to the others if you dance in another style that requires shortening the distance; the more joy and perfection there is in your movements, the easier and more comfortable it gets to be in close proximity to the others. The more truthful you become the easier perhaps it gets to influence the others who feel that you are walking or dancing your talk, even though they might not like what you are saying through your actions. But you command some respect then and that helps you maintain the illusion of control over the actions of the other people. They respond to those people who they believe to bring out the best in them, respect is just one minor aspects among so many other things. In short, no one wants to be commanded or reprimanded, although at times your tactics may have to change, but being truthful to yourself might backfire at times, surprise surprise. How does it happen? Even if you act on your deepest beliefs and with the intention of saving the world, you could find, to your disappointment, that the world does not want to be saved by you. The world craves freedom above all and what you preach is to conform to the rules that you came up with, so despite people having respect for you those rules might be found to be too much for most. Many intelligent people fall into the trap of believing their outlook is the only choice and the only right thing to do. You might be in for a great surprise to see that things do not always work this way.