How You Can Get Better From Cystitis

Reports show that every woman is likely to have cystitis at some point their lives. And when this happens, it can have a great impact in her life in such a way that she can be prevented from doing her job or even going through her normal daily routine. And for this reason, a woman experiencing symptoms of cystitis will always aim at getting cystitis relief.

What is Cystitis?

Cysititis is a condition very common among women wherein their bladder is experiencing inflammation which in turn, causes symptoms to be experienced by the person. Common cause of cystitis is bacteria however, there is also a type of cystitis which is more of a result of injury and without any bacterial infection involved which is called interstitial cystitis. Cystitis can happen to anyone but is more common among women with ages 30 to 50.

What Are The Symptoms of Cystitis?

A lot of cystitis sufferers would tell that there is always pain and this is constant and really bothersome. Upon experiencing the symptoms, all they would ever want is to get cystitis relief in order for them to go back to their normal lives.

Symptoms of cystitis are as follows:

  • Pressure in the lower abdomen;
  • Pain during urination;
  • Frequency and urgency in urination;
  • Nocturia or need to get up at night to urinate;
  • Strong smelling urine;
  • Dark or cloudy urine color;
  • Blood in the urine;
  • Fever, chills and nausea.

Severity of these symptoms can vary depending on how advanced the condition is and depending on the cause of the condition. Whatever the case, most women who are having cystitis will always aim at getting cystitis relief due to the inconveniences these symptoms can give.

Ways of Getting Cystitis Relief

Fortunately, women can always get hope in getting cystitis relief due to the different options available as treatments. However, these treatments depends on the cause of the cystitis.

Treatments that corresponds to certain types of cystitis are as follows:

Pain Relievers Such As Aspirin And Ibuprofen

One of the inconveniences cystitis gives to the patient is the excruciating pain experienced in urinating, pain in the pelvic area and lower back. To get cystitis relief from this symptom, aspirin or ibuprofen is administered to the patient. However, this medication will not get rid of cystitis because this only targets the symptoms. The root cause can be taken care of by other treatments, depending on the type of cystitis.


Some cystitis are caused by bacteria and in this case, a patient can get cystitis relief by taking the prescribed antibiotic that is usually given with instructions of taking the medication for a certain period of time. And in order to get permanent cystitis relief, it is important for the patient to follow the instructions to the letter. And in case of the patient who has achieved cystitis relief before the end of the prescribed term, the patient should still continue taking the antibiotics in order to get permanent cystitis relief.

Clot evaluation

Some womenís cystitis are the kind which is called hemorrhagic cystitis and the main treatment that should be given to the patient is the one that will stop hematuria or bleeding. Clot evaluation can be done with the use of a stiff-walled catheter.

Initial Irrigations

Also known as bladder wash, this method is given to give patients hemorrhagic cystitis relief. Sterile water can be used for this method but another option is sodium chloride.

Lifestyle change, improving diet and having enough sleep ñ In the case of interstitialcystitis where no bacterial infection is associated with the symptoms, the best way to get cystitis relief is to improve the immune system to enable the body including its urinary system and its parts to function normally.


Cystitis, in whatever form, is indeed a nuisance in every woman or every person. However, virtually everyone can get cystitis relief as long as one makes an effort to educate him or herself about this condition, the different types of it, symptoms, causes and treatments. It is also important to be wary always in order to detect symptoms at its early stage and have it treated with mild and natural remedies. And most of all, having a healthy lifestyle at all times is important to prevent cystitis to happen in the first place.