Band of Soldiers and Great Men

Band of Brothers is 10 part miniseries that was produced by HBO in 2001. It is one of the most expensive series to have ever been produced and it has also been one of the most successful. It is now the benchmark when it comes to series that are about war and combat.

The series is about the experiences of Easy Company of the 2nd Battalion of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment that belonged to the 101st Airborne Division in World War Two. The series was based on a book written by Stephen Ambrose with the same title where he chronicled the experiences of the company. It was claimed that Easy Company had one of the highest casualty rates of the war but what is definite is that because of the book and show, Easy Company is now the most famous Company of soldiers in the history of the United States.

Spielberg and Hanks

It was the result of a teaming up between Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks who worked on Saving Private Ryan. Hanks and Spielberg were so fascinated by the stories of the World War Two veterans that they met while making the series that they decided that it had to be retold for a new generation of audiences. A film was not going to be enough so they decided to make it into a miniseries. That was how Band of Brothers got its start.

Central Characters

Each episode focuses on a certain character’s point of view, from which the story would be told. Sometimes there would be narration, sometimes there isn’t. There were eight directors for the series including Hanks, who directed one episode. Spielberg did not direct any episode though his influence could be seen on all of the episodes and he acted as an executive producer together with Hanks. The series tried to stick to the authenticity of the real life stories of the soldiers though in some cases it did deviate from it in order to help improve the flow of the series.

Boot Camp

In order to aid the authenticity of the film, the producers had the actors who will be playing parts in the film to undergo a “boot camp” where they had to undergo military training. The training was conducted by Dale Dye who was a retired Marine officer, who was the military consultant of the series. Dye also acted in the series as Colonel Sink, the commander of the 506th PIR.

Generation Gap

The series showed to a whole new generation of viewers what it was like to fight in the Second World War. Critics of the show have pointed out that its main flaw was that it did not bridge the gap between the generation of the veterans and those of the viewers today. Members of Easy were proud of how they have volunteered for the paratroops. That’s something that present generations could hardly understand, with a war that is far from popular. What is clear however is how the show has shown the heroism of the members of Easy.

The Books Of 2013 That You Must Read

A good read is very hard to find. It is essential to know which books are the ones worth reading. You canít back the time youíve wasted when you read an awful. There are a lot of books that have acquired a name for themselves. Some have followed amazing sequels while others were written by famous authors.

Famous Sequels

It is in books where most movies are based on. Movies have made a name for themselves because the book has a great flow to it. In the year 2012, this is the time when the hit movie series Game of Thrones sprung up to action. Most people prefer the books over the movies. Less visual drama, graphics and scenes are limited to your imagination.

As the movie went to a great hit, also did the books. The Game of Thrones book is one the largest selling books of the year 2012. Critiques remarked the books as better compared to the movies. The detail that were presented in the book is not as accurate in the movies.

Not all great books have been made to great movies. Even in the later years of being the best-selling sequel, The City of Lost Souls has not yet been made into a movie nor any of its other earlier versions. This is the fifth book of the series of city of glass, city of bones, city of ashes and city of fallen angels. Each of the books were top-selling books for their genre. And as the release of the city of lost souls, this is another highly anticipated book for the avid fan.

All the five books are related with one another. It is a sequel so the story of one book connects with the other. It would be advisable to start reading the other earlier versions to appreciate the flow of the story. The flow goes as usually as it is. It is a common love story between individuals that have supernatural capabilities.

The two lovers are torn between power, greed and betrayal. As they strive to regain one anotherís trust and love, they are going to risk another. A common love story that presents a series of unique twists and battles. The book presents a mind baffling flow of thought.

If you are into the books knowing the story that came before Lord of the Rings, you might consider The Hobbit. This is a book in the Lord of the Rings series that showcases Bilbo a dwarf assigned to gain back a lost kingdom. Bilbo finds Gollum whom holds the ìpreciousî which he was able to get. He never knew the true power that lies within the ring that has the ability the change the whole of humanity. This book has already been made into a movie which made a big hit.

Unique Love Story

From the writer of the Twilight series comes in a new love story bounded by supernatural phenomenon. The Host tells the story of survivors from an alien invasion, trying to live and hide from being totally exterminated. After being captured, Wanda was converted to the alien race but still has the ability to think. She seeks the trust of the remaining survivors while others doubt her.

This book highly resembles the flow of events to the twilight saga but has a unique twist. Prepare to fall in love, amazed and charmed by this book. This book has also been made into a movie that was one of the must see movies of 2013.

Unique Genre

Most of the stories now revolve around the genre of love and war. A unique twist to the book entitled Unravelling written by Elizabeth Norris. The story happens in a suburban area where the main character lives alongside with her bipolar mother and workaholic FBI father. A girl dead from an accident and being revived by a loner in her school is tasked to save what she no longer has, life. She has 24 hours before the end of the world happens, seeking answers that can be found in her own residence. A unique story that will baffle investigation fanatics.

Must Watch Movies 2012

One of the largest releases of movies happened in the year 2012. With the number of movies made and released, it is hard to look for the movies that are actually worth watching. A number of great movies were released during this year. From classic long followed sequels to the rise of the oldies. Here are some of the movies in 2012 that are going to be worth your time.

Action Packed

All the CGI effects and the incredible stunts has made some movies worth watching. In this year, the movie with the most computer animation and effects is Battleship. Starring Taylor Kitsch with special appearance from Rihanna. This movie garnered mass wide audience interest after a series of attractive trailers.

The movie happens in the middle of the sea during a combat naval exercise. During the event, an alien transmitter was triggered causing the invasion of an alien race. It is now within the hands of the remaining naval forces to save the earth from the impending world invasion.

After the not so flattering release of the first G.I Joe comes its sequel. G.I Joe Retaliation surpassed the first G.I Joe by more than twice the ticket sales. With appearance from Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson, the movie is packed with a series of powerful fight scenes.

They are not yet too old for this job, coming to appearance the long thought gone actors like Stallone and Arnold. Along with a few others long thought to be gone in the filming industry. They group up in the movie The Expendables 2 that showcases widespread action. The story revolves around these group of highly trained men assigned to pursue an illegal business.


In a series of amazing action filled movies come to scene the unique story of a teddy bear. Ted is an animated stuffed toy brought to life by a simple wish of a boy. The story tells the long happy friendship of Ted and John confronted by a series of unfortunate events. The comedy comes in when Mila Kunis acting as Lori gets infuriated by his fiancÈe that canít bare to live without the toy.

The Dictator is an anticipated movie by a large crowd. It is said to exaggerate the current diplomatic state of the United State of America. The story revolves around an abusive leader who was set-up by the people he wanted dead. His newly obligated task is to find a way to regain back his power and trust of the people he once overly ruled.

Historical Fiction

The amazing fictional story of Abraham Lincoln in The Vampire Hunter has achieved audience impact. The unique introduction of the movie has made it a must watch movie. It is not a slow movie that most people might think. It revolves around the story of Abraham Lincoln whom is actually a vampire hunter. His leadership helped free the slaves from the clutches of the vampire race and he also avenged his son. An action packed movie with a creative twist.

Most Awaited Movies of 2013

With high intensity actions and great story twists, a lot of movies are being awaited in the year of 2013. This is the year where most of the long gone movies have already been made a sequel or a remake. There are a lot of movies that have already garnered a wide spread attention from the audience. Waiting for the upcoming releases of a series of highly advertised movies.

Donít even ask if there are going to be a lot of awaited movies because there are actually tons of them. Most are based on books and a handful are long followed sequels of movie hits in the past. Added with the most advanced CGI effects, waiting for these movies is all going to be worth it.

Animated Cartoons

Most are not going to want it to be called ìcartoonsî, after all, some of the movies here actually took nearly 10 years to have a follow up. Who has ever forgotten about the famous Monsters Incorporated that was one of the highly animated movies of the year 2001. The movie is going to have a long anticipated appearance in the year 2013. Going with the name Monster University where the same old monsters are going to go through their college lives and be fully known as real monsters.

Nobody can forget the famous line ìitís so fluffy Iím gonna die!î from the famous movie Despicable me. They made another movie that sequels the past blockbuster hit. Starring the same animated character Felonious Gru voiced by Steve Carell delivers another twist to the old story line. Gru now finds himself in a new state where he now becomes a fully certified hero instead of a villain.

End of the World

From zombies to ancient monsters, most movies now are situated in apocalyptic events. Among the highly anticipated movie is the very famous World War Z. The movie revolves around a terror attack that has triggered a certain event that caused a wide spread infection of zombies. Casting Brad Pitt as an essential asset to bring back order and survival to the new world.

World War Z has caught a wide spread attention from media. The movie is based on the very famous book itself. Most critiques are disappointed by how far away the movie is being depicted from the book itself. When the movie is released in late June, we will know whether the movie lives up to its name.

If you are not into zombies then get a taste of a new breed of extra-large alien species. Pacific Rim portrays manís will to survive and fight back against the creature that came out from nowhere. The movie is packed with action along with modern high-end CGI effects.

Lastly, earth has come to an end. A post-apocalyptic movie starring Will Smith along with his son Jaden Smith. They act in a movie where they crash into a planet where everything is specialized in killing humans. This is After Earth.


The Chronicles of Riddick was released in the year 2004, it now is making another appearance in the year 2013 under the name Riddick. Plot still unknown, but Vin Diesel still acts as the main character and an anticipated movie to watch.

Superman has made a good twist by showing up in the Man of Steel. After how many superman generations, there finally has been a change in the costume. Along with this is the change of a story and a unique end. If you are not into superman then have a look in the life of Wolverine. Still the same Wolverine we have learned to love. The movie showcases a new branch of his story coming to life in The Wolverine.

Amazing Sequels

The leadership and death of King Leonidas is continued in the upcoming release of 300: Rise of an Empire. Everybody was already suspecting a sequel after the first one but nobody knew it will take this long. The movie is said to be released in the last moments of 2013. A new story beholds this movie, a new leader, king and warrior.

After the famous book of the hunger games comes the sequel that most readers are waiting for. Catching fire showcases Katniss and his partner Peetah running for their lives after the capitol tries to find them for their win during the hunger games. Last but not the least, the most amazing and original story that brought about original comedy to the early years of the 2012 comes the third part of The Hangover.